Healing Environment Principles are a Goal for the Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center, Navy Medical Center

It’s no surprise that patients usually report negative experiences at hospitals or doctor’s offices due to institutional, sterile environments. Architects Mosher Drew and Reno Contracting believe that a visit to the doctor doesn’t have to be like that. The two firms are teaming up for design-build healthcare projects at the Navy Medical Center and the Sharp Rees-Stealy Memorial Hospital to provide exceptional healing environments for patients and families.

With big health care changes and an aging baby boomer population, it is more important than ever to create a space that promotes healing and well-being through design and aesthetics. We plan to optimize the site’s view, instill natural light, and create positive distractions in the form of artwork. Still, we will take the healing environment a step further and design an exceptional work atmosphere for health care workers. Our designs include plans to streamline the wayfinding between rooms and create opportunities for worker-patient interaction.

The project scope includes:

-General Surgery Area
-Wound and Vascular Clinic
-Pediatrics Department Renovation


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