Celebrating the Opening of the SDSU Aztec Market with New Photos and Articles!

Winter semester can be dreary for university students, so the January 5th opening of the Aztec Markets at Storm and Nasatir comes at the right time to offer students a place to hang out, grab a meal, and study.

Check out the Aztec News for why students are excited for the new marketplace.

The Aztec Grill offers fresh, sustainable food






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East County Performing Arts Center on the Way to Reopening

The East County Performing Arts Center (ECPAC) closed its doors in 2010, but is now on the way to reopening in late 2015.

We are working on reimaging ECPAC to comply with current code requirements, including:

-Disabled Access Upgrades
-Fire/Life/Safety Upgrades
-New Theatrical Lighting
-New Sound System

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Are We Pinteresting Yet?

San Diego State University Love Library

Follow us on Pinterest for a look into our design throughout the years, from classics like The San Diego State Love Library to the award-winning Palomar Brubeck Theater.

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Press Talk: Mesa College Language Center

Mesa College houses one of the biggest foreign language programs in San Diego, but didn’t have a center until this last summer.

From the San Diego Union Tribune:
Read about how the center provides an immersive experience learning experience for students of foreign languages.

From the San Diego Daily Transcript:
Read about how the Language Learning Center enhances Mesa College’s strategic goals.

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Bill’s Excellent Adventure Down San Diego Wild Animal Park’s Tiger Trail

Last week, Bill Magnuson visited Mosher Drew’s Tiger Trail at the San Diego Wild Animal Park to find some big cats.

Entering the temple of doom…

Any tigers here?

Up close and personal with one cool cat.

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SDSU Aztec Market at Storm and Nasitir to Open Just in Time for the New Year

Just in time for the end of  (San Diego) winter, the San Diego State University Aztec Market at Storm and Nasatir will open in early January 2015.

Rendering of the Aztec Grill

The new convenience center includes a Grill, a convenience store with beverages and a soup counter, and a Starbucks with interior/exterior seating.

Natural light and easy way-finding

Our goal is to create a hub of activity that offers students, faculty, and visitors a place to eat, study, and hang out.

From our most recent site visit

Construction began in August 2014. We worked in close coordination with Reno Contracting to make the new 4,500 sf facility a cost-effective $1.4 million dollars.

In construction!

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Student Services Center at Miramar College Now Open!

Our remodel of the Student Services Center at Miramar College is now open!

The Student Services building houses Outreach (a welcome center), Academic Senate, Assessment, and Health Services.

The new campus landmark welcomes new students and visitors and to gather and study. The main building connects to the main campus promenade and pedestrian crossroads so that it is truly a focal point of the campus.

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Healing Environment Principles are a Goal for the Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center, Navy Medical Center

It’s no surprise that patients usually report negative experiences at hospitals or doctor’s offices due to institutional, sterile environments. Architects Mosher Drew and Reno Contracting believe that a visit to the doctor doesn’t have to be like that. The two firms are teaming up for design-build healthcare projects at the Navy Medical Center and the Sharp Rees-Stealy Memorial Hospital to provide exceptional healing environments for patients and families.

With big health care changes and an aging baby boomer population, it is more important than ever to create a space that promotes healing and well-being through design and aesthetics. We plan to optimize the site’s view, instill natural light, and create positive distractions in the form of artwork. Still, we will take the healing environment a step further and design an exceptional work atmosphere for health care workers. Our designs include plans to streamline the wayfinding between rooms and create opportunities for worker-patient interaction.

The project scope includes:

-General Surgery Area
-Wound and Vascular Clinic
-Pediatrics Department Renovation

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SDSU University Towers Re-Imaged

We are excited to showcase the newly renovated & upgraded UNIVERSITY TOWERS at San Diego State University, located in San Diego, California.

Our mission: to develop a sense of place at the west side of the SDSU campus.

Newly renovated design at SDSU’s new UT by Architects Mosher Drew.

The 1960’s University Towers has been re-imaged and transformed into “UT” – an upscale, hip place to see and be seen.

The new UT is reinvigorated with open terraces, a front porch, and soft fluid forms to meet the needs and interests of current students. The more open environment is supplemented by an exhibition kitchen that opens to a lounge, dining, and grab & go retail to create an environment that encourages meet and greets and just hanging out.

“Inside and Out the New UT is a Must See Place to Be”

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Tiger Trail Open This Weekend!

We are pleased to announce our new exhibit, the Tull Family Tiger Trail, will open this weekend at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.


Read about it here!


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