Happy Memorial Day


Mosher Drew wishes everyone a happy Memorial Day!


Please note our office will be closed tomorrow (Friday, May 25) and Monday, May 28.


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Grossmont College Student Services & Griffin Center Dedication!

Grossmont College is holding a dedication ceremony this Saturday at 9:30 am for the Student and Administrative Services Building and Griffin Center.  Both expansion / renovation projects were designed by Architects Mosher Drew.

Read about it here.

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Spotlight Update – Still Ben Meza

Remember when Ben was working on THIS? In case you just aren’t up to clicking that link over there, what we are remembering is when Ben sculpted a relief of Mr. Robert Mosher for the Green Dragon Colony in La Jolla.

When we last checked in, we were speculating on what kind of magic it took to turn clay into bronze. Turns out that it’s less mystical, but equally fascinating. The wizards over at Bronze Artwork used a process called “lost wax casting” or “cire perdue.” In case you still aren’t feeling like clicking links is “your style,” I would suggest that you take a deep long look within, and would encourage you to change your ways, because it really is a pretty interesting process.

When the men at Bronze Artwork had completed their magic,  the final result was a beautiful bronze sculpture that looked exactly like this:

Bronze Mr. Robert Mosher

Mr. Don Leonard and Mr. Larry Hoeksema accompanied Mr. Mosher, along with Don Allison to deliver the sculpture, and we were all pretty happy with the result, not to mention the view.

Left to Right: Don Leonard, Bronze Bob Mosher, Bob Mosher, Larry Hoeksema

Left to Right: Larry Hoeksema, Don Allison, Robert Mosher, and Don Leonard, overlooking beautiful La Jolla

Bronze Robert Mosher and Mr. Robert Mosher

A great man deserves a great sculpture. A huge thanks goes to Ben, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

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Griffin Center now OPEN!

Griffin Center, the new student center renovation & expansion we designed at Grossmont Community College is now open for business! Read about it in the Union Tribune here.


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We Support your Recycling Habits.

Here at Mosher Drew… Some of us are obsessive about recycling, you may even call one or two of us militant. Well, one of us specifically. If you can guess who, Clarke will give you a prize. Anyhow, I digress… It was brought to my attention recently that there were all sorts of things that I had always thought were not recyclable, that I was either wrong about, or just plain ignorant about.

We all knew that all cans were recyclable including “soup dog,” and we all knew that “toxic product containers” such as milk cartons are not recyclable. What I didn’t know was that, finally, after all these years of waiting, we can finally recycle all plastic tubs, jugs, trays, pots and toys. YES! Some of us have been weirdly hoarding yogurt containers, our old Thai food delivery containers, plastic pots, and broken childhood toys, quietly creeping out our friends and causing our families an incalculable amount of wonder and worry.  Take a peek at this:

(image courtesy of these guys)

Everyone I know (I dont actually know that many people) has gotten a new computer or T.V. over the last few weeks, or is planning to go heavily into debt for a High Def Flat Screen to show off on Superbowl Sunday. I cant wait to see a single salty tear glistening on the face of some loser on my HD T.V. Thats all fine and dandy, but what are you gonna do with all the Styrofoam Packaging? Ill tell you what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna throw it all into your reusable burlap sack, take it to a participating surf shop in your neighborhood, and you are gonna donate it to the Waste to Waves Program, brought to us by the Surfrider Foundation. There are a bunch of surft industry related companies that can take your EPS foam and turn it into rad stuff that you can look cool in, or look cool riding.

“Waste to Waves lets you “Turn Your Trash To Slash” this holiday season, by collecting and recycling your used styrofoam* packaging waste, into a new recycled EPS surfboard blanks made by Marko Foam.  *( note – what everyone typically calls “styrofoam” is technically known as Expanded PolyStyrene or EPS; just saying…)”
Learn more about the program here.

We hope you all have a really fantastic week of productive recycling, and working, and going outside and enjoying the environment you are saving!


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Happy Holidays!

Architects Mosher Drew wishes everyone a very merry and safe holiday season!


Our office will only be open the week between Christmas & New Years on Wednesday, December 28th from 7:30am – 5:30pm and Thursday, December 29th from 7:30am – 12:00 noon. We will be closed the remainder of that week, but will be back to business Monday, January 2, 2012!


Looking forward to a successful 2012!

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Mosher Drew Construction Site Visit

A group of us from the office went on a construction site walk last Friday to view the progress of the Student Services & Student Center buildings at Grossmont Community College. The buildings are looking great… and so are we in our hard hats:


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Project Completion!

The Athletics Practice Center remodel at UC Riverside recently completed construction and is now being used by various teams…  Go Highlanders!  We were very pleased with the results and the fresh, lively look of the remodeled gym.  Here’s a sneak peak from the photo shoot by Andrew Burns (http://andrewburnsphoto.com/).

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Dark Shops Workshop

Hope to see you at the Dark Shops workshop this Thursday, organized by Jack Carpenter:


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Spotlight – Ben Meza

Ben Meza is no one trick pony, so it was no surprise when he was approached with the prospect of sculpting a relief of Mr. Robert Mosher for the Green Dragon Colony in La Jolla, that he jumped at the opportunity, and impressed us all. So here’s a sneak preview, just for you…

This is the image that Ben used to begin to sculpt the relief.
Early on in the process. You can see the small maquette that Ben had made to reference.

Here Ben has refined the sculpture of Mr. Mosher, and he appears far less amorphous that he had in previous incarnations of the piece.


Mr. Mosher gets to check out Bens handy work. Looking good!


The next step is something mystical, and we arent completely sure how it is turned from clay into bronze, but we are inclined to believe that it is a combination of ancient and secret arts, involving certain degrees of alchemy and mysticism. We’ll keep you updated!

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