SDSU Aztec Market at Storm and Nasitir to Open Just in Time for the New Year

Just in time for the end of  (San Diego) winter, the San Diego State University Aztec Market at Storm and Nasatir will open in early January 2015.

Rendering of the Aztec Grill

The new convenience center includes a Grill, a convenience store with beverages and a soup counter, and a Starbucks with interior/exterior seating.

Natural light and easy way-finding

Our goal is to create a hub of activity that offers students, faculty, and visitors a place to eat, study, and hang out.

From our most recent site visit

Construction began in August 2014. We worked in close coordination with Reno Contracting to make the new 4,500 sf facility a cost-effective $1.4 million dollars.

In construction!

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