SDSU Open Air Theater Renovation Makes Concertgoers and Employees Feel Like Kids on Christmas

The new promenade at the SDSU Open Air Theater transforms the concert experience.

From SDSU Alumni News:

The concert experience at the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre (OAT) just got even better with the completion of expanded concessions, restrooms and a wide new concourse that help reduce lines and crowding while improving access to SDSU’s popular outdoor venue. The update adds a wide new entrance on the southwest side of the theatre while replacing cramped, aging structures and portable toilets with sleek, modern facilities.

The enhancements represent the third and final phase of a $5.7-million OAT makeover that has already included a new stage roof, support system and seating.  The latest improvements were unveiled to the public March 3 at a near-capacity GreenFest concert.

Second-year student Hannah Pollek, who had come to see musicians Rob Stone, YG and Wet Lettuce, said she was impressed with the changes. “It’s really nice,” observed the mechanical engineering major from Cupertino. “I like how they have it laid out for big crowds.”

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