Spotlight – Ben Meza

Ben Meza is no one trick pony, so it was no surprise when he was approached with the prospect of sculpting a relief of Mr. Robert Mosher for the Green Dragon Colony in La Jolla, that he jumped at the opportunity, and impressed us all. So here’s a sneak preview, just for you…

This is the image that Ben used to begin to sculpt the relief.
Early on in the process. You can see the small maquette that Ben had made to reference.

Here Ben has refined the sculpture of Mr. Mosher, and he appears far less amorphous that he had in previous incarnations of the piece.


Mr. Mosher gets to check out Bens handy work. Looking good!


The next step is something mystical, and we arent completely sure how it is turned from clay into bronze, but we are inclined to believe that it is a combination of ancient and secret arts, involving certain degrees of alchemy and mysticism. We’ll keep you updated!


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