Spotlight Update – Still Ben Meza

Remember when Ben was working on THIS? In case you just aren’t up to clicking that link over there, what we are remembering is when Ben sculpted a relief of Mr. Robert Mosher for the Green Dragon Colony in La Jolla.

When we last checked in, we were speculating on what kind of magic it took to turn clay into bronze. Turns out that it’s less mystical, but equally fascinating. The wizards over at Bronze Artwork used a process called “lost wax casting” or “cire perdue.” In case you still aren’t feeling like clicking links is “your style,” I would suggest that you take a deep long look within, and would encourage you to change your ways, because it really is a pretty interesting process.

When the men at Bronze Artwork had completed their magic,  the final result was a beautiful bronze sculpture that looked exactly like this:

Bronze Mr. Robert Mosher

Mr. Don Leonard and Mr. Larry Hoeksema accompanied Mr. Mosher, along with Don Allison to deliver the sculpture, and we were all pretty happy with the result, not to mention the view.

Left to Right: Don Leonard, Bronze Bob Mosher, Bob Mosher, Larry Hoeksema

Left to Right: Larry Hoeksema, Don Allison, Robert Mosher, and Don Leonard, overlooking beautiful La Jolla

Bronze Robert Mosher and Mr. Robert Mosher

A great man deserves a great sculpture. A huge thanks goes to Ben, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.


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