USD Torero Store – The Bookstore of the Future

The last time you went to a bookstore, the trip probably went like this: You walked in to buy the latest kindle/gift/Hunger Games Book, paid at the register, and left. It’s no wonder, then, that competitive pricing from online retailers has put many bookstores out of business.

The new Torero Store at USD changes all that by creating a retail experience based on a dynamic living and learning environment.

The new campus hub invites shoppers and students to explore its interactive environment. A custom-made LED chandelier-like lighting fixture sets the store’s backdop and coordinates with video and sound to create custom moods and ambiance. The space is flexible to accomodate changing retail and student needs, and to serve as a venue for university events.

The Genius Bar is an interactive IT technology service center modeled after an upscale bar. Shoppers receive personalized advisement and support for tech products.

The outdoor patio with a fireplace invites visitors to make connections and study while offering the experience of lounging at an upscale restaurant.

The Torero Store’s innovation was recognized early in the design process when it received the 2015 BuildingSMART BIM Award. Since the store’s opening in the Fall of 2015, it has become the new hub for studying, hanging out, and special events.

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