We Support your Recycling Habits.

Here at Mosher Drew… Some of us are obsessive about recycling, you may even call one or two of us militant. Well, one of us specifically. If you can guess who, Clarke will give you a prize. Anyhow, I digress… It was brought to my attention recently that there were all sorts of things that I had always thought were not recyclable, that I was either wrong about, or just plain ignorant about.

We all knew that all cans were recyclable including “soup dog,” and we all knew that “toxic product containers” such as milk cartons are not recyclable. What I didn’t know was that, finally, after all these years of waiting, we can finally recycle all plastic tubs, jugs, trays, pots and toys. YES! Some of us have been weirdly hoarding yogurt containers, our old Thai food delivery containers, plastic pots, and broken childhood toys, quietly creeping out our friends and causing our families an incalculable amount of wonder and worry.  Take a peek at this:

(image courtesy of these guys)

Everyone I know (I dont actually know that many people) has gotten a new computer or T.V. over the last few weeks, or is planning to go heavily into debt for a High Def Flat Screen to show off on Superbowl Sunday. I cant wait to see a single salty tear glistening on the face of some loser on my HD T.V. Thats all fine and dandy, but what are you gonna do with all the Styrofoam Packaging? Ill tell you what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna throw it all into your reusable burlap sack, take it to a participating surf shop in your neighborhood, and you are gonna donate it to the Waste to Waves Program, brought to us by the Surfrider Foundation. There are a bunch of surft industry related companies that can take your EPS foam and turn it into rad stuff that you can look cool in, or look cool riding.

“Waste to Waves lets you “Turn Your Trash To Slash” this holiday season, by collecting and recycling your used styrofoam* packaging waste, into a new recycled EPS surfboard blanks made by Marko Foam.  *( note – what everyone typically calls “styrofoam” is technically known as Expanded PolyStyrene or EPS; just saying…)”
Learn more about the program here.

We hope you all have a really fantastic week of productive recycling, and working, and going outside and enjoying the environment you are saving!



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