MiraCosta College

Student Resources Center

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The transformation of the MiraCosta College Student Resources Center began with a thorough evaluation of the existing Library in Building 1200, a spacious 2-story 48,000 sf structure.  This assessment informed the collaborative and inclusive planning process involving various user groups. 

Our primary aim throughout this project was to elevate the student learning experience. This involved not only upgrading collaboration and study areas but also enhancing library services and staff spaces, all while accommodating the campus IT and Media Services departments. A central focus was on creating additional study spaces to cater to both individual and group learning needs, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all students. By expanding and consolidating the Campus Learning Centers, we aimed to enhance the overall student journey and provide ample room for future growth. 

In modernizing the Library for the Student Resources Cetner, careful attention was paid to every detail. This included improving circulation and wayfinding within the building, as well as crafting a distinct identity for the Center as a vibrant campus hub. Upgrades in finishes and furniture were meticulously chosen to create a visually appealing environment conducive to learning. Furthermore, efforts were made to mitigate acoustic disturbances, providing students and staff with a conducive atmosphere for focused work. Sustainable design principles were integrated throughout, with a focus on optimizing natural lighting and controlling sun exposure to create a comfortable and energy-efficient space.

Through enhancements to exterior glazing systems and upgrades to mechanical, electrical, and technology infrastructure, we achieved improved energy efficiency and reduced noise levels, enhancing the overall comfort of the space for both staff and students alike. 

  • Higher Education
  • CA Oceanside

Location: Oceanside, CA

Completion Date: 2024

Building Area: 48,000 sf

Owner/Client: MiraCosta Community College District

General Contractor: Level 10 Construction

Structural: Wiseman + Rohy Structural Engineers

Mechanical / Plumbing: MA Engineers

Electrical: Michael Wall Engineering

Landscape: GroundLevel Landscape Architecture

Civil: SWS Engineering, Inc.

Videographer: Breadtruckfilms, Jeff Durkin