UCSD Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Eckart Building

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The Eckart Building at UCSD was originally built in 1976 and currently houses the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library. It is considered the finest oceanographic library in the world and houses an enormous collection of marine-related literature and reference materials, and archives.

God is in the (ceiling) details, Mies Van der Rohe: Art Exhibition Gallery UCSD (1965), La Jolla Saving & Loan (1966) and Scripps Institute of Oceanography UCSD (2023)

The scope of the project encompasses 5,800 sf. of tenant improvement that support offices, training, conferencing, and common areas. The main goal of the interior design was to provide an inviting and unifying concept that stimulates connectivity, study, movement, and events. Our design team resorted to a strategy that works with the building modularity, materials and colors yet is distinctive from the rest of the building. The ceiling treatment is intended to evoke depth and movement through a multi-layered approach of staggering lights, baffles and two piercing domes that utilize ocean inspired colors that are drawn from other areas within the building. Furthermore, through continuity in the ceiling and frameless glazing, it was possible to blur the boundaries between common areas for a welcoming and unified space. 

  • Higher Education
  • CA San Diego

Location: San Diego, CA

Completion Date: 2023

Building Area:5,800sf

Owner/Client:University of California,San Diego

General Contractor:McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Mechanical/Plumbing/ Electrical:IDS Group

Photographer: Studio Maha

Videographer:Breadtruckfilms, Jeff Durkin