USD Torero Store

Campus Bookstore

  • Civic Commercial
  • Higher Education
  • CA San Diego

The Torero Store revolutionizes the college retail landscape, transcending the traditional notion of a bookstore. It emerges as a vibrant, multi-dimensional space, immersing visitors in a captivating sensory journey.

The dynamic campus hub invites shoppers and students to explore its interactive environment. A custom fabricated “Explosion of Confetti” light sculpture mesmerizes, harmonizing with synchronized video and soundscapes to craft bespoke atmospheres. Designed with adaptability in mind, the space evolves to meet the ever-changing demands of both retail and student life, doubling as a versatile venue for university gatherings.

Central to the experience is the Genius Bar, an innovative IT service center reminiscent of an upscale lounge. Here, patrons receive tailored guidance and support for their technological needs, fostering a seamless integration of tech into campus life. Since its inauguration in the Fall of 2015, the Torero Store has emerged as a pivotal focal point, fostering an atmosphere conducive to studying, socializing, and hosting special events.

  • Civic Commercial
  • Higher Education
  • CA San Diego

Location: San Diego, CA

Completion Date: 2015

Building Area: 5,200 sf

Owner/Client: University of San Diego

General Contractor: Balfour Beatty

Structural: Hope-Amundson (now Coffman Engineers)

Mechanical / Plumbing: MA Engineers

Electrical: Michael Wall Engineering

Landscape: EPTDesign

Photographer: Emil Kara Photography


2015 BuildingSMART BIM Award