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At Architects Mosher Drew, our commitment to civic architecture extends beyond mere functionality. Through our humanistic design approach, we strive to craft environments that foster a sense of community and social interaction.

Drawing from the principles of Biophilic Design, we integrate natural elements such as daylight, views, and spatial diversity to create vibrant and dynamic civic spaces. Our designs prioritize human comfort, with careful attention given to finishes, materials, colors, and textures to create inviting and welcoming environments. We recognize the importance of long-term sustainability and adaptability and strive to create designs to meet the evolving needs of communities while also ensuring cost-effective ownership and operational efficiency. With our extensive experience in civic architecture, we have had the privilege of collaborating on numerous projects that have enriched and revitalized communities.

At Mosher Drew Architects, we are dedicated to shaping civic spaces that inspire, engage, and empower individuals, ultimately contributing to the vitality and resilience of our communities.


    • EB Scripps Park Pavilion
    • Lyceum Theatre Renovation
    • Mission Hills- Hillcrest / Knox Library
    • Mission Bay Golf Course
    • Mission Hills YMCA
    • Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA
    • Jackie Robinson Family YMCA
    • Girl Scouts of San Diego Imperial County Master Plan
    • Tierrasanta Library Addition
    • Balboa Branch Library
    • Florence Riford Library Center
    • Alpine Community Center
    • City of Coronado Police Services Facility
    • San Diego Museum of Art West Wing Fine Arts Gallery
    • San Diego Museum of Art Copley Auditorium
    • Golden Door Resort & Spa
    • Mammoth Holistics
    • Pacablo Chula Vista

EB Scripps Park Pavilion

Mammoth Holistics, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Pacabol, Chula Vista, CA