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K-12 Education

Architects Mosher Drew believes design of ‘Architecture for Education’ is a shared endeavor, applying our talents and expertise to reinforce the specific academic objectives of the schools and districts we partner with.
Our approach is centered on creating environments that foster meaningful learning experiences for students. We integrate principles of humanistic design into every aspect of our academic interiors and exteriors. This includes cultivating sensory connections between occupants and their surroundings, promoting heightened awareness to facilitate critical thinking and social interaction.

Embracing the principles of Biophilic Design, we prioritize elements such as natural daylight, views, spatial diversity, and flexibility. By infusing spaces with elements that mimic the natural world, we aim to enhance student well-being and academic performance. In our design process, we meticulously consider human comfort by carefully selecting finishes, materials, colors, and textures. This attention to detail ensures that the spaces we create are inviting, inspiring, and conducive to learning. We understand the importance of long-term sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Our designs prioritize the longevity of the built environment while remaining adaptable to evolving programmatic needs.

Ultimately, our goal is to design spaces that not only support academic endeavors but also stimulate and energize the learning experience. We at Architects Mosher Drew are committed to shaping educational environments that inspire curiosity, creativity, and excellence.


San Diego Unified School District

    • Mira Mesa High School Whole Site Modernization (Phases 1 & 2)
    • Mira Mesa High School Transportation CTE
    • Mira Mesa High School Engineering CTE
    • Mira Mesa High School Athletic Field Modernization
    • San Diego High School Whole Site Modernization
    • Mira Mesa High School Engineering CTE
    • Morse High School Whole Site Modernization
    • Clairemont High School Whole Site Modernization
    • Miramar Ranch Elementary School Whole Site Modernization
    • Lewis Middle School Upgrades


Poway Unified School District

    • Westview High School Engineering CTE


Sweetwater Union High School District

    • Bonita Vista High School Site Modernization


La Mesa-Spring Valley School District

    • Bundle A Entry Improvements (4 Campuses)
    • Bundle D Entry Improvements (6 Campuses)
    • Bundle E Entry Improvements (3 Campuses) 
    • Bundle E Parkway Academy New Administration Building


Carlsbad Unified School District

    • Carlsbad High School Performing Arts Center Modernization


San Bernardino City Unified School District

    • Del Rosa Elementary School Full-Day Kinder Campus
    • Del Vallejo Middle School Shade Structures
    • High School Sports Lighting Modernization (6 Campuses)


Coronado Unified School District

    • Coronado Middle School
    • Coronado Early Childhood Development Center
    • Coronado Village Elementary School
    • Silver Strand Elementary School Addition & Remodel
    • Palm Academy & Tennis Courts
    • Coronado High School & Sports Complex Renovations


Private Schools

    • Pacific Ridge School Multi-Disciplinary Innovation Center
    • Cathedral Catholic High School 

Mira Mesa High School, New Classroom Building, San Diego, CA

Pacific Ridge School MDIC, San Diego, CA

Del Rosa Elementary School, San Bernardino, CA