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Architects Mosher Drew’s legacy began with mid-century modern housing throughout San Diego and La Jolla which ranged from small additions and remodels, to single family homes tucked into quiet neighborhoods, to student housing on the growing UCSD campus.

We believe the creation of home is deeply personal and that carefully cultivated residential spaces can have long-lasting positive impacts on the people who gather, rejuvenate, and live within them. Whether modernizing a historic home to support a modern family, creating sustainable, urban infill housing, or assisting our Higher Education clients with new creative visions for supporting campus life, we start by listening to our clients’ stories and prioritizing elements from nature such as daylight, indoor-outdoor connections, captivating views, and versatile spatial arrangements. We work diligently to bring our clients’ visions to life within difficult sites, environmentally sensitive land, historic fabric, and code overlays.

At Architects Mosher Drew, we believe in creating homes with a vibrant sense of place for their inhabitants that are timeless, designing with longevity and adaptability in mind.


    • McCaskill Residence
    • Armstead Carter Pool House
    • Jack Borcher Residence
    • Herbert Kenzel Residence
    • Rohr Residence
    • UCSD Married Student Housing
    • UCSD Chancellor’s Residence
    • Wheeler House Renovation

Wheeler House, Historic Renovation

McCaskill Residence

Wheeler House, Historic Renovation